Journey to Malta

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To get us going, we would like to start with our affirmation. We say it together. So if you don’t have one, grab one, they’re on seats everywhere. So don’t feel shy. Get up and grab one. Everybody have one? Okay. Together: Infinite spirit, divine energy, All Mighty God, surround and fill us with the light of divine love and wisdom that it may purify, illumine and guide us in all things. May we recognize this divine energy shining in ourselves and others knowing we are one. May we feel this energy radiating from our hearts, expanding the light and healing with all who are present today and continuing to overflow into all creation serving the highest good for all. In the name of the living Christ, so be it. It is done.
Before I introduce our speaker, and I’m just so thrilled to have her here, I think it would be very appropriate now if we all take a minute of silence to join with the people of Moore, Oklahoma, and all of the people up and down Tornado Alley who are still being ravaged by tornados. Let us see these tornados starting to dissipate and lessen and disappear. Let us know that whatever these people need who’ve been hurt, they receive that help and receive it as quickly as possible. We are with them. We are one. Thank you.
Well, this is Margareta McIlvaine. She is the founder and director of the Bridge Between Two Worlds, all kinds of worlds. She runs a place of magic and mystery where you can go to learn with incredible workshops, incredible talks and gatherings and satsangs and music and dance. She’s a very real sprite who’s going across our world connecting with those electromagnetic forces that connect all sacred sites and sacred things. We have her here today sharing a trip she took not long ago to Malta. Did you realize that Malta is older than Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and Newgrange? The temples on Malta confound people even yet today. How were they built? What is the significance of the temples on Malta? Malta is the isle of the gods and the temples seem to be temples to the goddess.
You know, she was there to really be a lay line worker, an energy worker, a grid worker to connect and interconnect and energize and re-energize the upliftment of energy that is occurring now. And for that, I think we owe her an even bigger applause. Let me welcome Margareta McIlvaine.
Thank you so much. That is one of the most beautiful introductions I have ever had. I really appreciate that.
Hello everyone. I’m really thrilled to be here and I get a little bit sometimes nervous when I have to do public speaking, but I had such an extraordinary journey and I’m really excited to share it with you. So that just pushes most of the nervousness away. Welcome, welcome.
As you know, I’m here to speak about this journey that I took to Malta in late February to March. I was there for two weeks. And I’d like to kind of guide you with me on the journey, and I’ll just sort of take it step, by step, by step and share what we experience and some of the people we met; really the profound calling that it was for us to go there. I really felt such an extraordinary pull there to begin to bring that energy in for the restoration of the divine feminine. And my friends and I who I work with; one woman is named Gabriela Kafur, she lives in England. And the other woman is Terry Frank, who lives here in Charlottesville. And just to give you a little history of these two dear people, we’ve worked together for about seven years now. And we’re called to different places on the planet, and we never quite know where that’s going to be. So we go a lot on faith and intuition and guidance, and some of the places that we have gone already to take tours to and to work with people and have healing workshops and that kind of thing. We’ve been to Iona, which is off the coast of Scotland, twice, and France and Arkansas to work with the wonderful crystals and hot springs and North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
Actually our next tour that we didn’t know we were going to be going to this year, but it all just happened about two weeks ago, we’re going to Ireland in September. And that will be kind of a continuation of some of the deep healing work that we did with the divine feminine taking that to Ireland. That’s a little bit about those dear women that I work with and some of the magic of how we tune in and work.
I think I’d like to begin by giving you some general information about Malta. How many people know where Malta even is? Okay. I have a funny story because when were told we had to go to Malta, we all looked at each other and went “where’s Malta?” We knew we needed to go there, but we weren’t quite sure where we were going. So anyway; it’s just below Sicily in the Mediterranean. It’s about, I think, a hundred miles from Sicily. And it consists of three islands; Malta’s the largest of those islands, but large means only 26 by 60 miles, so it’s really not that large. And then a small island called Comino and then Gozo. So it’s a series of three.
It’s interesting because there are more Neolithic sites, as you were mentioning, in Malta, which now you know is not really that big than in all of Europe. So it’s so odd. You think, “Why did all that happen in that place?” And as we were hearing, there’s the Isle of the Gods, it’s been called; and there’s been old texts in Egypt where they refer to Malta as the Isle of the Gods. I’ll get into a little bit more about that as the talk goes on.
There are seven major sites that UNESCO has as World Heritage sites. We visited six of those, so it’s lovely now because they’re actually being protected. And years and years and years, they were just sort of left to be. The sad thing is when we were over there, if a farmer found any old stones in their field, it was the worst thing for the farmer because then he couldn’t use his farm. So a lot of them just secretly at night carted as many stones away as they could; then nobody would know that it was a site where the old temples were. As she was saying also that the sacred sites there and the temples are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids. So I was amazed at that as well.
There are two kinds of streams of history that I’ll share. One is the traditional side of Malta and its history. And the other one comes from a more non-traditional view that a lot of it came from this wonderful man named Francis Alioso. I’ll explain how we met him and we did meet him and he wrote this fabulous book about Malta and his own guidance and his own information that came through about what Malta was about.
So the traditional history is that 7,000 years ago farmers from Sicily came, and they settled in and they just decided to farm there. They crossed the 50-mile strait from Sicily and prior to that they felt that the islands were uninhabited. Then in 2,500 B.C., those who built the temples just disappeared. Kind of like we hear that in the Mayan civilization that these incredible pyramids were built in the Mayan areas in Central America and then they don’t know where everybody went. They just were gone; so a similar kind of thing.
After that Malta was ruled by the Venetians who came in 1,000 B.C. followed by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the French, and then finally the English during WWII. They came because it was such a strategic location, and they said that more bombs were dropped on Malta than in London. So again, I had no idea. I’m very embarrassed to say. Honestly, I really didn’t know where Malta was when we were going to go. It has such a rich history, very, very rich history.
The other thing is, I wanted to just a little bit just for curiosity. The language there was so interesting. And on some of the slides I’ll be showing you, there are little plaques and one side is English and the other side is Maltese. And it is the oddest looking language. It’s a mix of Arabic, 56% is Arabic; and German, Italian, some English and French. It’s all this fabulous mix. Never heard anything like it; there are a lot of X’s and L’s and Y’s. But everyone there speaks English, which is so extraordinary because the English went there in 1940. That’s one of the things I really loved about it because it’s lovely to travel to these amazing exotic places, but it’s hard when you can’t get a taxi or you can’t order your food, you know, check into a hotel or something. And every one was so open-hearted, so kind, so wonderful, and they spoke English! So, I’m going back. It was fantastic. So that is a little about the traditional history.
Before we left on our trip, my friends and I, we prepared for nine months on Skype and tuning in, doing our prayer work, and intuitive guidance. And my friend, Terry Frank, found this book online, and it’s called Islands of Dream: The Temples of Malta, Hidden Mysteries Revealed. I love this book. And so we read the book; we loved it and then we contacted the author and it turns out he was going to be on Malta when we were going, and we asked if he would be with our group for a day or two and he was thrilled to do so. And we were so happy about that. I just can’t tell you enough good about this person.
A little bit about his history is he was a Catholic priest for 30 years and he lived in Malta, of course, and then he went to England; then he went to Canada, and then he went to Peru. When he was in Peru, something changed for him because Malta’s very, very, very Catholic. They actually just got the right to divorce two years ago. I think the Philippines was the only other place in the world where the Catholic Church is that you couldn’t get divorced until recently. When he was growing up, nobody ever talked about the temples. Here they are, “Oh, that’s prehistory.” As if prehistory doesn’t count. And history just starts at a certain date or something. Nobody ever talked about it really. They weren’t protected. Like I said, the farmers were carting the rocks off and stuff. It was when he was in Peru something happened to him. He had a kind of spiritual awakening and he quit the priesthood. His mother almost never spoke to him again, he said. He said that was like the worst thing for a Maltese mother to have her son be a priest and then not be a priest. That was a little awful, but they’re fine now.
Anyway, so he came back to Malta and he began to just receive all this information about the temples. And he just dedicated his life to writing an alternative handbook to what the status quo is when people are being guided around the temples. Because mostly what we heard from the Hypogeum that we went to, which was this place, that everything was a burial site because there were bones there, so everything was a burial site. And another burial site; and this was another burial site. I thought that’s not very scientific. I think other things were going on there than just burying people.
As he shifted with this, he began to bring in this information and his explanation about this was that what they found in a lot of the temples, the shards of pottery and the bones, he called them squatters. And he said that just like where I live in Caswick at my healing center, nobody else lives in that property after me. A thousand years from now, they’ll find my pots and my pans and who else and whatever, a spoon or something. And then they’ll make an idea about what was happening there. But that says nothing about the culture that was there before me or before them. So he felt that that’s what was going on with the temples that they were finding these little shards of pottery that had some marking that came from some dye that you could only get in Sicily, so then they figured that they came from Sicily and that’s sort of how that went.
Moving on to the non-traditional history that is from this wonderful fellow; he said that Malta was part of Atlantis. And it was a place where consciousness was first seated to bring more consciousness to the Earth at a very important stage of evolution; kind of like we are now. And Francis explained that very highly evolved star beings came to download cosmic energy to Earth. They chose it because of its position and its properties of limestone and quartz, which four things; he kept repeating this over and over: attracts, transmutes, holds, and transmits. And this is what they wanted to do with the cosmic energy. And they used the temples as a means to do this. Each site was chosen for a purpose and built on the lay lines which they could see. And where each vortex of energy connects, there is a temple. And we have all heard of like the Michael lines going up in Europe where the churches were built like that. It was, of course, the same kind of idea. He there are three mountains, there’s Malta, Gozo and Comino. He said that Malta carried the energy of power. Gozo of joy and love. And Comino wisdom. And that this area was chosen because of its position and the mission and the properties of limestone. And then he talked about the word “Mediterranean”. It’s actually middle earth, and I never thought about that before. It’s like one of those obvious things that—oh, time to think about that.
He said also that most of the stones that they found were found on the east part of the island because 12,000 years ago there were huge tsunamis that came from the west and that the land was submerged and the tops of the mountains became these three islands. I think his history is much more interesting than the Sicilian farmers. So the land was submerged and then many of the temples were underwater. He said that each temple is an underground structure where the energy’s held. And then this energy is transported with water and passed to the next temple. And so there is this whole thing about this inner water communication and beings of the Earth.
And as my story continues about what our guidance was about the water, it was so fascinating to hear what he was sharing about that. So he also then shared that the island of Gozo held the energies of the yen, like the yen energy, and Malta was the yang. And he felt that they were like these power points in the wall like when you plug something in; the negative and positive. They both electrified the Mother Earth somehow. He felt that everything started in Malta and the star beings there came for a reason.
Hearing that non-traditional history, we had a very interesting experience after we first arrived. One of the members, Heather, got car sick, so we had to go to a pharmacy to get some Dramamine. So we go into this pharmacy when our first small group went to Malta for the first week so we could prepare, see the site, before the larger group came. So we’re driving all around and she was getting car sick. So we go into this pharmacy and a doctor came to wait on us and he was very conservative looking and he had on a suit, not a suit, but he was dressed all tidy and looked very conservative. And he started speaking with us, what are you doing here and what are you here to see? We just felt like we’d just share that we were here to go see the temples and honor the divine feminine energy that we thought was coming back to the planet. That’s what Heather said. I thought, “Oh, my, god, I can’t believe you said that to this man. This man in this pharmacy is going to think we’re nuts.” And he looked at the woman that was there, and then he looked back at us. And I was waiting for the man to say, “Okay, well fine. Do you need Dramamine now?” Not only did he not do that, he looked at us and he said, “Well, did you know that Malta was part of Atlantis?” And he said, “I’ve been scuba diving and I’ve seen the temples that are underwater. These are the mountains on top of the…”
He said everything that Francis had said. So we got so excited and I felt like I was in a Dan Brown novel. So then he said, “Well, I have someone that you need to meet.” Then we thought—you know I’m sure he had all these symbols and things that we were going to connect to. And he gave us this website of this person who was just extraordinary from England. So we got in contact with this person, and then we walked over to another place in the store and he said that this wonderful Japanese man had come to play his flute in the Hypogeum, which are these pictures I’ll pass around. And he said, “You all have to hear this. I don’t know why, but you need this for your group and these energies that are coming in.” We were ready to just drop on the floor right now. So he runs back; he’s just met us; we’re just getting Dramamine, to get this CD and he gives it to us and it was the most amazing CD, and we played it everywhere we went with the group. It was so wonderful and it really kind of brought these powerful frequencies to us as we’re traveling around. So that’s the pharmacy story. And we were able to return it to him.
So I now I just want to move into the story of our journey like why Malta. How did this happen?
I guess a year and a half or so ago, I was hosting a Deeksha oneness blessing training group, and one woman who came from Washington DC who was spending the night because it was too far to go and we connected immediately. She was just absolutely wonderful. So we had the training. It was great. Then she left and she left behind this sleeping figure. It is also like this picture, which was in the Hypogeum [unclear 0:26:46.5]. So because many people leave things at my center, sometimes I’m excited thinking, wow, and then I go into my heart and call the person and let them know they left it because I liked that statue. Anyway, I called her and said that you left your statue and like this. And she said, “Oh, no, no. I wanted to give that to the center.” And I have these lovely statues of Quan Yin and the divine mother around it. And I thought what a wonderful gift. So there it was on my altar.
Moving ahead like six or seven months, my friend, Gabriela, came from England to do a sound healing concert and we have a lovely group that comes and she does beautiful work. We at the last minute had to set up the altar. And so we’re scrambling and she’s got a cold. So we get a candle and flowers, and then we just grab that statute and put in the center and that was our altar. The sound healing concert was absolutely wonderful. It was the end of the concert. We all go back up to my kitchen and we’re so grateful, it had been a lovely night, and we talked about how powerful the altar was and how everybody was attracted to the altar. So anyway we had a funny kind of feeling and we all closed our eyes to just tune into that feeling, and they asked about the statue and I told them a bit of the story that this woman had been to Malta seven times and she’d gone on a tour with this woman out of California who works at the Union Institute and she just loved Malta. Then we tuned in. We were quiet. After our tune in, we opened our eyes and went, “We have to go to Malta.” And that’s when we looked at each other and went, “Where’s Malta?” So that’s how the journey began in that sense.
And then we started the nine-month preparation where we did a lot of intuitive work on Skype and on the phone to tune in, where we were to stay, which temples we were to go to, what was the message, and the main theme of this whole trip was about the heart. And it was about coming into the heart flame, unity, harmony, connectedness, cohesion, and how we needed to come into that for ourselves and then as our group of the triangle and add that into the whole group of people we were 14 total. And we got more guided exercises about healing the heart, coming into the heart, connecting the heart, doing a heart flame meditation; connecting to the guides and beings of light who help us. Healing our heart; it was all about the heart, which I love your introduction when you said, “This has been running for 30 years and it’s all from the heart.” This is time when we’re moving into the heart energy more than ever before. That was the key training that we all did and we had to send exercises to the group and heal their heart; very, very, very important. Some of the guidance that came through said the most important thing to share is unveiling of the layers that have been placed upon the face of the mother; the divine feminine. The message came over and over about the heart; harmony, cohesion, and something about roses. The rose, rose oil, the rose heart, roses, and working with our heart. And we were given this meditation to connect with our heart flame.
And so then I was given information that I’d like to share with you in the guidance about this piece. It said, “Create a dome of light around the group. The island and the places that you will go, so they can all become infused in the energies. Strengthen and begin to tighten up the container. The overarching and tension is for all to welcome the return of the divine feminine coming in at this time vastly different than she was honored before. It is essential to weave the group into a whole heart coherence. There are many, many different energies in Malta at this time; a problem in and of itself. Cohesion and coherence from the heart is balm of light assisting to mend the fragmented pieces and join them back together. Each participant is to create this within themselves, and then from that place, join with the whole. This creates the blueprint that will hold the frequencies so many others can do the same.” That kind of gives you a sense of that.
Through these tune-ins, different messages came in. And we were also given a kind of picture of an earlier civilization and this informed and guided us quite a bit. I’d like to read this one piece before we get into the pictures of this earlier civilization that one of the members pulled in. “I’m walking through a water channel with about three to four inches of water. It is a cleansing ritual done before entering the next space. I round the corner and it opens up into a large area where I’m looking out into a sea of faces. This is a gathering of a tribe; a decision-making meeting of some importance. We are on Malta. People are seated in semi-circular arrangement and there was a mix of men and woman. Decisions are to be made as to the future of the island and the light of incoming energies and disturbing frequencies. There are many different opinions and it is to facilitate, to mediate the wide variance of suggestions, as well as the emotional content of the speakers. Suddenly a dark-haired woman arrives in the center holding a white bird. She seems to be an elder, a prophetess and a seer. A hush falls as she prepares to speak. ‘Children of the state, cease your squabbles. We are entering into a phase of chaotic influence where the very fabric of our identity will appear to be torn apart; this seeming disillusion of that which we hold dear will test us all and take many lifetimes to reach resolution.’
She releases the bird and it takes flight high into the sky. It flies into a loop around the gathering and comes to land on the top of the highest point of the building. She looks to the east. She returns to the elder who inspects here carefully for a sign or omen that could assist. One of her tail feathers is loose and the woman plucks it out. She raises the feather to her lips and notices a smell of burning. She senses invaders from a foreign land plundering and murdering whilst congratulating themselves on their spiritual integrity. Her heart sinks as she acknowledges the sign. She realizes there is no going back now. We must prepare ourselves now inwardly to lose all that is precious to us. Our deepest secrets we may be able to absorb into the fabric of our island into the rocks, the ground, and the temples. Those who will come in the future will read these signs as in a book. Until then our task is to remove all traces of the sacred from the obvious places so that the secret wisdoms of our people will not be obliterated.”
This always makes me feel like I’m going to cry when I read this. “We ask all that feel called to assist us in this way in devising methods of obscuring the truths we know in our heart. There is a somber mood as one by one the volunteers are registered and plans begin to form themselves.” She says, “To those in the future who will come, we say to you, look in the caverns, the rocks and the stones, and even where you would not imagine, to unlock the mysteries we have held for you. Our culture has much to offer you for we have retained our way of life for many years, and we live in a shared space of loving companionship and spiritual focus. The activation of our secrets begins within your hearts and souls and when you come, we will recognize your honest endeavor and assist you in unlocking the doorways and gateways to reveal the mysteries within.”
So that set a tone needless to say. Again and again, as I said, we were told to act as a harmonious heart flame unity, and if we did our part, the beings that were working with us would also do theirs. So the heart work also consisted of heart, love, gratitude, joy, harmony, interconnectedness, all of that piece.
So the three of us continued to send information to the group and prepare the group. That was really important. So I’d like to now shift gears a little bit and move to the story of the roses because we are now going on an airplane to Frankfurt.
My friend and I flew from here to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Malta. When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, we had to walk through first class and Terry was behind me and we were walking along, and I suddenly had this feeling that she forgot something or she wasn’t walking right behind me. I turned around and one of the stewardesses was giving her a rose, and it was just so sweet. And I thought, oh, we are one of the last off and we’re in first class, and they probably thought we looked like really nice—Terry’s about 70, so they thought, “What a nice mother and daughter,” or something like that. So anyway, she was given a rose. And then that was sweet and I turned to look at Terry, and I saw this and suddenly I saw the look that passed between the stewardesses and it looked almost not frantic, it was like a calm frantic, as odd as that sounds. But they looked at each other and they grabbed another rose and they gave it to me. [unclear 0:36:52.5]. So we walk off the plane thinking how lucky are we because we just walked in first class and da, da, da, da. So we go in the back where nobody else had a rose. Nobody else had a rose. We were the only two people that were given roses. So we’re walking through the Frankfurt Airport, everybody’s smiling at us. Then you go through customs and everybody’s, “Oh, for me?” It was just a real happy kind of a feeling. And we just kept looking at each other like, “Why on earth were we given these roses?” So we knew something special was coming up from that. That was really pretty sweet that we got these roses.
The next one is a week later. This is what the roses looked like. And I don’t know if any of you have gotten lovely roses at Whole Foods or other wonderful places, and I don’t know about yours, but mine get to be little buds and then they do that. And they don’t completely—these had been our carry-on bag and we’re running everywhere and they still looked like this. So we understand that something was really—it was a precious gift about this. And when we arrived in Malta, just putting our feet on the ground was like a remembering. And I’m sure many of you in this room have gone places where something is kind of activated. You know, in the southwest, in this country, certainly around these mountains, and something just is remembered. And so we had an amazing first day there in connecting to the land and seeing how we were going to be, you know, acclimating.
So this is where we stayed at the top part of Malta because we wanted to stay outside of the city. Malta has about 400,000 people, so parts of it you feel like you’re in Rome or something; it’s just packed. It’s like old, ancient Europe where it’s all together and there aren’t any trees. And so we really wanted to be kind of away from that while we were doing more tuning in work getting ready for the group. So we were here, we could take walks down by the water. Just to let you know if any of you are curious, it was the weather—it was a mix of really being cold and then really being lovely. So this was one of the nicer days, so we found a little place down on a balcony that we could sit and do our tuning in.
I would like to share with you the very first experience we had when we were on the land, and we found a place that we just felt called to stand there for a bit. And we went into a little bit of a meditation and I had a vision of my friend, Terry, with a priestess teacher. And the teacher was taking Terry through an initiation to see if she was passing her course on how to send energy—this is all coming to me—and it was just beautiful, and Terry was dressed in these beautiful clothes and she was quite relaxed as if she knew how to do this and it wouldn’t be a problem. And what the test was is that she was to stand in this place and about maybe a mile or half mile or something this way, this way, and this way were three other teachers. She was to send different kinds of energy to each teacher at a certain pace and then her teacher priestess would let her know how she did. And it was just such an interesting vision.
When we came out of the meditation, I shared that with her. I said, “Oh, my, god, I think I might have seen possibly your training here or somewhere else when you were with this teacher.” And as I was sharing this story—we were four total and one of the members looked at me and said, “Let’s do it now.” So we thought, “Well, yeah, why not? Let’s do it now.” So Terry stood and one of us went far this way, one this way, and one this way, and we waited to see how it would feel if she sent the energy. And we had the most extraordinary experience. She sent it to me first, and I sensed that she would. I don’t know why, probably—I don’t know why. She did. I went to the Barmen[sp?] School of Theology for some of you who don’t know that and I do energy healing work, so I’m pretty energy sensitive. But what I learned in this experience was more than I learned at Barmen in the whole first year. It was incredible. I want to go back there just by myself and study.
What I felt her do, I felt her getting ready to start sending me energy and it was wobbly and weird and it was—it was like a car not starting well or something. And so then it was a little troublesome and I was so tuning into this. And then little by little, I could feel just how far out it was coming from her. And then it was far then she’d stop. And then it would come a little further and it would stop. So interesting. And then it came—I could sense the energy coming and it stopped right about here. I thought, “Good, she’s really modulating quite well.” Then it’s closer, closer, closer and it stopped right in the middle of here. And then I burst out laughing. And so she knew, “I did it. I’ve done it.” So she went to the next one and then the next one. And then when we finished, we all came to share and it was just extraordinary what happened. Because when she started with me what she described was I had such a hard time getting started because she said she’d start, but she was doing it in the old way like what we’ve learned here. Sometimes I didn’t really know; I’d just send energy like sending blue light or something and she was guided by her teacher. “You’re not even connected. You’re not connected up and down. You’re not connected to your axis. Connect up first and then send from there.” She said, “That’s good advice. Okay.” And she did that and then she felt it just swooshed. And then she could modulate very clearly and she said that’s exactly what she was doing ezephalis[ph] healing.
So the other part of that I’d like to share is Gabriela had the oddest thing because she—when it came to her turn and she felt where the energy was coming—she felt she was holding up a big disc and she didn’t know why she was holding like a big disc in her arms, but there she was holding this disc. So she’s the most loving, open, wonderful, positive person you could ever imagine. And as Terry’s sending it, she said, “It couldn’t go in. It didn’t come in. It was like it was being reflected back. I couldn’t send it to her.” So she was upset and thinking maybe Gabriela’s mad at me. And then it turned out after a while she just knew that that’s how it was going to be. So when we came back to share, Gabriela shared, “I was holding this disc. It was like a mirror.” And that was part of the test. That was part of the test to let her see the different ways of how one sends energy and receives energy.
So just to share, we were thinking, “Gosh, do we have to do anything more than this? Let’s just go back to his place and study there.” But it was a really wonderful experience to kind of help acclimate us to this place.
As the journey goes on, we then knew that near us—it was a cat island and so there are cats everywhere and people fed the cats, so I thought you might like to see that. It was really sweet. I thought that was a lot of—for the feminine energy as well.
Near where we were staying was this place, Our Lady of the Grotto, and we were remembering that piece where it said, “Go down into the caverns and into that and you will find the secrets.” So we walked to this place and it turned out that it has a history of where many people come for miracles. It’s like a Lords of France. And so there are crutches and things like that on the wall in the back, but you walk down and then it’s a like a sacred spring around Mother Mary and many candles; you’re down underground. And there were statues along the side. All the heads were cut off of the statues. And as the story went, the Turks used to come fairly often with this woman who came in—I have this story. After we were doing our prayers, this woman came in. I’ll share about the prayer in a moment. And she said the Turks would come in and they cut off all the heads and one, as the story went, they were ready to cut off the head of Mother Mary and his hand became paralyzed and he couldn’t move it. And he instantly converted to Christianity, and when he went back to Turkey, he sent enough oil always every year so the candles would always be burning in this. Who knows if that’s true or not, but it was a lovely story.
One thing that was very interesting that occurred with us here in our preparation work is we were all just being here sending our prayers and it was simple—something came over me and like a prayer came through me, and I was saying a prayer for my mother and my father and family. And suddenly it was like my mother’s mother, my mother’s mother, my mother’s mother’s mother, and it was my entire female lineage. That’s good. I was just going to stop at my grandmother. And then it was the same for my father’s line; the whole down in the patriarchy line, my matriarchy line, and it was bringing tears to my eyes the depth of honoring my ancestors. So after we’d been there for 10 minutes praying, they had the same experience. Terry had the exact same experience that she said, “I was praying for my mother and suddenly it was all back here. Praying for my father, it was all back there.” So we sat there in kind of awe how wonderful and powerful that is and then a lady, a Maltese woman came, and she turned to us and asked if we would like to hear some of the history of the place. That’s when she told us about the Turks.
Then we were thinking, we needed to bring candles, and to light a candle for the masculine, for the feminine, and for the unity of both; sacred masculine, sacred feminine. No candles, of course, we didn’t bring candles. Next thing we know, this couple comes in with a box of like 20 candles and we thought, “Oh, my, god.” So we asked if we could have three and the man clearly was there a lot and he just did it every week and he was just putting them out. He said, “No. If you want your own candles, you have to go and get your own.” We only wanted three. He just kept putting them out and putting them out. And when there were three left, his wife said, “You can have these three.” So we were able to add the candles and light them, and it was just really another wonderful gift to move through there.
So, moving along now. We are now preparing to go to the archeology museum. And we really felt that we needed to go to this archeology museum, which is right in the middle of the town here. And Gabriela really didn’t want to go because we wanted to go right to this place, the Hypogeum, and I will pass these ones around as well. And we met on our little balcony to have tea in the morning and share our dreams and share what we felt like we were going to be doing that day. And the dream that I had had that night before was about me as a priestess in training, and I was in front of a big pyramid and I was sending thanks. And suddenly this statue at the top of the pyramid came alive and walked down and spoke to me and it said, “She stands in front of me and she shows me a vision that is in store that all is real and fully accessible with those with pure hearts,” and she says, “The stone birds really fly; the stone tree carvings blow in the wind; the temples are fully alive in the other realm and all who populated them. Nothing has been lost. This is just one level of the teachings.” And so as I shared that to Terry, we realized that it was important for us to go to the archeology museum first before we went to the Hypogeum because all the statues were in the archeology museum and clearly one of the statues might have had a message for us.
So off we’re going to this and we find this wonderful one. And we’re going to find which one had a message and then you get pressured like, “Oh, not getting anything; not getting anything.” So we’re walking around and you can read this, the sleeping lady from 3,000 B.C. hailed as the sleeping mother goddess. And then we found one that’s up looking down into the Earth and they said it’s like dreaming the dream of Guya; dreaming the dream of the mother.
And then I stood in front of this one and I got quite dizzy and quite hot. It felt like this was the one that I was to tune in with. And it was the most interesting message because what the message that came through was what we were to do with the roses. And the message that came was we were to take two-third of the petals off of each rose, put them into water, put them under the full moon that night, bring them back in, and during our heart flame meditation, we were to infuse that just like that work with Emoto’s work; and then when the whole group came, we were to infuse that with the whole group’s energy and then we were to get, I think it was 14 little bottles, and we were to pour the water in these little bottles and give them to each member of the group and these were the offerings we were to make to all the places where we went.
And I have some of this water with me here. And so it was just such a powerful, powerful teaching—we didn’t know what we were supposed to do with the roses. So then we went in front of the sleeping lady and my friend, Terry, had brought some lotus oil from when she went to Egypt. She’s had it for 15 years. She’s never been guided to take it anywhere, so she brought it. And with the other roses, we were to put lotus oil and take that into the Hypogeum. So that was our guidance.
So that sort of gives you an idea—a lot of people don’t want to work this way because it’s so intuitive and step-by-step and you just don’t know, but it’s magical when you do. And, yeah, it’s just really, really powerful when you do.
Just moving through so you can see other beautiful—all of the heads were in another thing because I guess they were so fragile, the heads have come off after 10,000 years. The time when the woman was honored and then these beautiful spirals, and the logo of my healing center are three of these spirals, so it was so interesting to see this.
And then you see these beehive-type things and we don’t know exactly what that is. One woman said that it was when each priestess became initiated they put a hole or it’s a decorative thing like a beehive for fertilization.
And now we’re walking toward the Hypogeum. And that is that picture that you have with you that’s coming around. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures in there, so that’s why I got these postcards. And just to share, before I left Virginia, I had a warning; a kind of warning thing came. And I kept seeing a picture in my mind of me out on a balcony, and I’m in complete separation in despair that everything that was sacred was gone. And that everybody was just trampling on these grounds, and they’re shopping and they’re doing—and these other buildings were built and it was gone. And it was devastating. It was almost like I didn’t want to live in this vision. And I just went into a place of very deep despair. So I kept seeing this vision over and over and over, and I thought, this is a kind of warning thing to be mindful because the main thing that we were to hold was cohesion in the heart in unity and not to go into separation. So as we all know, when we get sad and depressed, you kind of want to just separate and go away until you feel better and then go back. So I didn’t quite know what to do with this vision, but I certainly shared it with the group.
So on our way to the Hypogeum, I’m kind of remembering this and it was a horrible, horrible experience that I had when we first went because we went in here twice. One to check it out and then when the whole group came, we were able to be there by ourselves for two hours and do our ceremonial work. This time, we went in with like just how regular tourists go in and they give you this little thing to listen to and all of that. I don’t usually lose my temper, but I was very close to losing my temper. It just happened. And you come in and you see this sign about what the sleeping lady is and what we had been learning about in Francis’ book, it’s this woman that is like dreaming the dream of the Earth and it’s really honoring the divine feminine. And in this big plaque that you first read when you’re going down is that some have dehumanized this figure and think that it’s a sleeping goddess when clearly it is a figure in mourning for death.
Well, that’s what I said. I kept thinking—maybe you could say, the statue could be more a mourning figure, but the word dehumanized is what really got me. And so then as we were watching the video that you watch before you go into the Hypogeum, it just was more and more about the burial chamber and they couldn’t really tell if it was a female figure, probably was a male figure, but some people thought maybe it was a female figure. Then all the ones that clearly pick that female figure might have not been females and I just thought, “Now calm down,” because I’m really going to get out of my heart at this point. And then the video went and on and on, and they kept talking about it’s just a burial chamber and I was reading these other pieces about it. And my friend was hearing me just kind of saying things under my breath and she put her hand on my back because I was getting so mad, and I actually was getting pretty strong hot flashes, too. She touched my back and she said, “You’re burning up.” I said, “I am burning up,” and I was just ready to throw the whole thing at the—and I didn’t do that, which was good.
But after seeing this, it was really, really kind of difficult. We went through the program and it was all about a burial chamber. And anyway, the officials say, as I said, it was a burial place 5,000 years ago. And again as Francis was teaching us about the squatter story, they just found bones there so they don’t know what happened at the very beginning. He says that it was built 45,000 years ago, and the builders knew how to cut stone perfectly and align the inside room to the stars with no compass. There are three levels to the temple. The purpose of the temple was a birthing chamber where Guya’s dream took form. The star beings connected to Guya, and Guya gave them the dream. There was total silence; no light, stillness in the void. They used toning to transmit and elevate their energies to connect with Guya.
It was also a dream interpreter’s school where dreams were real to them. And initiates were chosen ambassadors to go around the world. Once they finished, they spent three days and three nights in the Hypogeum. In the holy of holies, people were prepared to go to the next dimension. So those are those cards I’m passing around in the Hypogeum.
So on the bus after we finished being here, I did see a vision in my mind of a priestess standing there and she’s holding these people at bay who are standing in the doorway, and they hate everything that she stands for; for her power, for her intuition, for the whole pagan thing, and they clearly were coming in to destroy it. So they did in this vision I was having. And then I kind of started to cry and I calmed myself down and we were going to go have a little lunch and tea. Then we went into this little café and by this time that vision I had in Virginia and what I’d just seen, they were merging. And everybody’s chatting and they’re talking and they had good cakes and things there, and I’m just staring into space and suddenly my friend Yvonne looks at me and she said, “Maggie, are you okay?” And just like when your heart is really hurting and somebody asks if you’re okay, that’s when you’re not okay because somebody’s being nice to you. So I looked and said, “I’m really not. I’m not okay at all.” And I started to cry; put on my sunglasses and said, “I’m going to the bathroom. I can’t sit here with anybody I know.” And I just had to get away from the group and Gabriela took my hand and she said, “This is the moment; don’t leave us, don’t go into separation; stay with us and share what the pain is.” I’m getting chills everywhere. So I did. And it was so hard because it’s such a pattern to just like leave and then come back and then you’re fine, but that was part of what the whole teaching was is to not separate; not feel that you have to be alone but to stay. Passed the first test; so I stayed in that and that was really important. And maybe that’s actually—it’s four o’clock, good timing. So we’ll go ahead and take a break.
All right; that was a nice break. We’re just going to move along here and that was actually a perfect place to break because the next part is our first visit to one of the temples called Borg in-Nadur that I forgot to tell you when my friend Diane who gave me that little statue—when we told her it was all her fault now that we were going to Malta, she said that there’s a lovely woman named Rose who she would connect us to who was just wonderful. And Rose became a guide for us when we were there, and she was able to do some beautiful things for us and take us into places that we wouldn’t be able to get to on our own and we could get there and have the place to ourselves and kind of map things out for us. So it was just a blessing to meet her.
She took us to this place; let me see here, this is the next place here. Okay, that’s the Hypogeum. Borg in-Nadur and this is one of the few that you can walk around and be with the stones because once they began protecting them, there’s little boardwalk things that you’re walking through and stuff, you know, so this was lovely to be able to be in and amongst the stones and check in and do our tuning ins.
I have to say that the plants around these places were so amazingly vital, it was just extraordinary. It was like [unclear 1:18:30.6] on steroids. It was incredible. And you’d look at it, and I love to garden, but everywhere you looked it looked like it a manicured—not a manicured garden by any means, but just like planted it and it was all wild. I have a funny story to tell you about that in a minute.
These are more of Borg in-Nadur. And this was in a farmer—this was in a farmer’s land, so that’s one of these stories that, you know, the farmer wasn’t exactly happy to find this part because people are trucking in. So now you can see, we’re sorting of sitting in these different places. Oops, don’t look at that yet.
Just a little story about this; there’s a funny thing because we’re talking about lay lines and the power of the magnetic lines and how that really brings a bit more vital energy to us. And when the lay lines cross, there’s even more energies and that’s where the temples are built and like that.
So apparently there’s this story about Malta exporting olive oil to Europe, and it had to go through this test to see exactly the chemical consistencies of the olive oil. And they kept sending it back to Malta saying, “You know, you’re doing something to it.” I don’t know what it is that they thought they were doing to do, spiking it or something was added and they said this isn’t okay. Apparently they sent it back three times. They weren’t doing anything to it. So finally this fellow, a scientist from Germany, came to check to see why is this so different when they said they’re not doing anything to it, and they really weren’t doing anything to it. And so Francis, our wonderful teacher, said that their plants are so vital here because of these energies and the lay lines and I love that story. Then they had to let that olive oil go into that contest because they really weren’t doing anything to it. I thought that was pretty neat.
So now we’re moving to a place called Valletta. So we’ve moved from that first place I was telling you about the very top of Malta, now we’re in the city. Totally different energy and this is the place where the Knights Templar stayed. So it was quite an interesting experience staying in it. Let’s give you a little brief history; apparently the Knights Templar was formed in 1088 to look after the sick in the hospital of St. John in Jerusalem. And later became a military order, you probably all know, defending crusader territory in the Holy Land safeguarding the route taken by medieval pilgrims. And they said that knights only came from very wealthy families and so in time the order acquired a vast amount of wealth. And they came to Malta in 1530 and they stayed for 238 years and transformed Malta into this mighty defense that they said was coveted by many powers in Europe. And it was hard to sleep there; I’ll tell you. It was just very difficult to sleep there. It was an amazing place in a lot of ways, but it was just so energized.
That was the view from our bedroom and there were all these yachts in that bay there. And that was the room where we had our altar and where we would do the heart flame meditation, and that’s where we had that water that I was telling you that we were infusing with. And these are some other members of the group. And that was another view right outside. You can see now it’s really, really crowded. And this was a church that was right next door. And this is just the neighborhood right nearby us, and I thought that would be interesting for you to kind of get a flavor of what these little side roads of Malta were like. And that was walking up the stairs to get into where we were staying; another little side alley. And this was a statue—it’s not so clear because I was in our van, but I love this because I keep talking about the divine masculine and the divine feminine finally coming back together in balance. Well, it’s a statue that it’s a man and a woman and they’re standing back to back and linked and they just had the most wonderful feeling of this balance. So I wanted to share that with you.
And there’s Mother Mary; you see all these things on the edges of the buildings and decorations and that was really interesting. And I just thought that some of the door decorations were kind of cool. And now we’re moving into the first temple called Mnajdra. And Mnajdra means, “the place where you gather or observe, the observation place and a woman’s training place.” And this, if I only went to Mnajdra in the whole trip to Malta, that would have been fine. And what’s so fascinating about this particular place—you know, in Stonehenge, I think it’s the winter solstice that it’s built, which is incredible that they’ve done that. But when I went in here, it was winter solstice, summer solstice, spring equinox and fall equinox and there is this—the roof had little holes and certain planets and stars came through, so this one place did all of that. It was extraordinarily sophisticated.
This is Mnajdra. And they say it kept cosmic time and Earth time. Again, people chose these particular vortexes and nodal points and lay lines for these temples. In our experience coming down here, we suddenly like hit a wall of energy coming down and we stopped all our chatter; we took off our shoes and we slowly walked down this pathway to move into this sacred temple. Rose who was our guide managed to get us there for half an hour by ourselves, so we could do our own tuning in and ceremony and prayers there. It was just absolutely extraordinary. There was this lovely island just off and I just imagined how that must have been used in ancient times. It seemed like it would be a wonderful place to do visioning and then coming back. They may or may not have done that. Apparently during WWI, they did a lot of artillery practice there. Many of the temples were in these kind of threes, parked in threes, so I wanted to just give you a sense of that. And here it talks about how it’s perfectly aligned with the rising sun in September and in December.
This is Rose, the woman who guided us, and she’s preparing us before we go in. And this was the temple that almost everybody in the group, as I was saying, it’s like this remembering thing occurred. We walked in and it happened to me as well and we just—it took your breath away; some kind of started to cry. Who knows how that is, but people felt like they were coming home. It was a real sense of coming home. And before I read the sign about the cosmic alignment and all the solstices and the equinox, I had a sense so much when we were in the meditation that this was a place where we could align ourselves back up cosmically. And what had happened to us in all of our times being on Earth being disconnected that we kind of did get disconnected from that alignment. So we felt we all received quite a powerful healing just being here to like get a spiritual chiropractic adjustment.
And this just gives you a sense of how some of the—part of the temple inside looked. And these were the doorways into different places. And this is where we stood and did most of our ceremony. And again from dear Francis from his book he said, “The original and main purpose of the temples around the island was to measure and calculate the annual passage of the sun, to observe heavenly bodies of particular constellations, to serve as terminals, receivers, conductors, and amplifiers of cosmic energy on earth. The temples,” he said, “were like the antennas and the above-ground observatories, while the laboratories were hewn underground with an extensive labyrinth of chambers and passageways and canals that connected all the temples together.”
So the Hypogeum, the card that I passed around, that was three stories underground. And what’s interesting, I don’t know if I told you, when you’re starting to go in, you’ll see the tile of the old kitchen because somebody had just build their house on top of that. And when they were digging to do something with their basement, then they found the Hypogeum. It’s just extraordinary.
Here’s a little bit more of seeing how it looked like in Mnajdra. Again, if any of you’ve been to Stonehenge or places like that, they speak of different ways, how did they raise the stones? What did they do? And some speak about they had pulleys and like that, and maybe they did do that some. But some people say they used toning and sound, and a whole different technology that we don’t know now to raise these stones. And there’s one here that I’ll show you in a bit that’s 20 tons.
And again these markings that we saw earlier, and these look like little meditation chambers or something. We don’t know what they were, but it would be so wonderful to go back and really spend so much time and just sort of again tune in and get our own information about that. These are all limestone by the way.
Was there at one time a roof?
What were told was that was also limestone; it’s all stone. What they found—and some of that in the archeology museum, but that’s where those little wholes were cut out so certain stars then would shine through at a certain time. So really sophisticated; we didn’t see the roof, though. They do have a tent over it now to help preserve what’s left.
See there, you can see the tent. And there were two parts to this. There was Mnajdra and Hagar Qim it’s called, and we were told that Mnajdra had much more of the feminine energy and Hagar Qim had more of the masculine energy. Clearly. It’s wonderful; they were like portals; love that. That’s me. And here we go; this was one of the largest single blocks found in any temple in the Maltese Islands, close to 20 tons. And there it is; pretty extraordinary. And they talked about these oracle holes that were in these inner chambers, and I have more pictures of those because we went to a place called Ggantija in Gozo, and it’s very interesting to see how these holes were hewn. I’ll tell you more about that when we get to that part.
So we’re moving along now and we’re with Francis; this is our day with Francis, and we went to a place called Mosta Dome. And he said that Mosta Dome—there are three large free-standing domes on the planet, and this is one of them. For those of you that like architectural history, most domes that are this big have flying buttresses to support them, so this is a free-standing one. And there’s only three in the world, and one of them was right here. He said, “the Mosta Dome is the matrix of all temples. In Arabic it means ‘off center’. In Atlantean said it meant ‘hidden’”. He said, “Mosta Dome is the third largest dome in the world with no support system.” He said, “The ceiling is a mirror of the floor, and the architect of this church was also an archeologist. And he knew the temples and he knew the energies, and in 1868, he was the first to make the connection between Malta and Atlantis. But he was discredited. It said the political powers in the church discredited him, and he became an architect and designed this dome. But the bishop at the time refused his plans because he said it was a pagan structure. So he said that he would ask for a referendum of the people of Malta to choose, do you want a dome or do you want it in the cross, and they all chose a dome and thus they have Mosta Dome.”
We sure that was an interesting story. What we did in here was fascinating because we didn’t plan to go to any churches, but in we went and there was one area that was clearly feeling like more of a masculine area. Then there was another area that was clearly with Mother Mary. And then there was a place that you could stand right under this big dome, but it was all roped off and people were trying to get in and they couldn’t get in; that was fine. We went over to the one side and our whole group just decided to do our toning. We just began to tone, softly at first, and it was to begin to honor the divine feminine, of course, but then to bring healing to the divine masculine. And we had to do a lot of work to not be mad at the patriarchy, and the masculine of the church, it was hard. But again coming from our heart, we needed to be in that place.
So we were in the part of the masculine and then we moved over, and these are like at the side parts of the church, then we moved over and there’s this huge statue of Mother Mary with a gigantic sword in her heart and we began to tone like I said. And it was so powerful and we started to gather a crowd. And these people came up and they were just listening to the toning, and one of them came up and said, “Where can we buy your CD?” And then they asked when our next concert was.
That was really, really wonderful and we had our divine water and it wasn’t to be undercover or anything, but we were putting some of the divine water in the place where you keep your crucifix work and that was really powerful to do that. And then, miracle upon miracles, Francis who used to be a Catholic priest as I said, he went to the fellow in charge and he said, “I have people from all over the world here and they really want to go into the center.” Because what we wanted to do was anchor these energies and make that alignment, but we really wanted to get underneath that dome and then the bottom part was a perfect mirror. And so the fellow in charge said, “Are they Catholic?” And then Francis did not want to lie, but he realized that the meaning of Catholic is universal. It’s like a universal heart-centered honoring of God and the Divine and Christ, which we all do. So he said, “Yes, they’re all Catholic.”
And everybody else we’d been asking, they said, no. So he said, “Well, you have this much time.” So Francis came running over to us and we were 14 total and he said, “Each person has a few minutes to get in the center, do your alignment, go.” So each one had to like walk up, stood right in the center, it was so beautiful to see them anchoring the work that we were doing right underneath this. It was so powerful. And then after we did that, we went back into the room where Mother Mary had this huge big sword from her heart. And we stood there and it was very kind of a tearful moment because it was that feeling of the divine feminine and the woundedness that she has carried. And it’s time, thank you for carrying that. We are in a new era and that sword can dissolve. So that was our experience at the church. It was just really, really powerful.
That’s it from outside. And that’s some of the inside. It was just absolutely exquisite. And these fascinating markings again, I felt like I was back in the Dan Brown book wondering how to decipher what these meant; the honoring of Mary. And this is the Maltese cross that I’d love to read something to you about this because they were speaking to us about in the Christian cross it’s not balanced like this, it’s moved up, so there’s all this meaning about that like what that was about, of course, it was the crucifix, but there’s an energetic that changed so much. The change is when it’s up like this. So we got this lovely handout about the Maltese cross and I’d like to read this to you while we’re looking at this picture.
And it says, “The Maltese cross is generally associated with eight virtues, the eight chakras, the eight nations of the Knights of Malta. At this time of the shift of our consciousness, the Maltese cross is re-energized to assist with the stabilization of the Earth’s changes. It is the emblem of the age of freedom. It transmutes all discordant energy streams. It makes manifest our wishes. It represents perfect balance of the sacred violet transmuting flame of love, mercy and forgiveness. Surrounded by the circle, it represents infinity and perfection. By the square, it stands for order and balance of opposites. By the octagon it symbolizes infinity, rebirth and a new order.” That was lovely to see that in the church.
This is our group and here’s Francis. And this was our wonderful group that we traveled with. And this is now—we’re moving into two more temple sites before the end of our talk. Again in this book that Francis wrote, he talked about Skorba, the temple of Skorba and Ta’Hagrat. It took us forever to remember all the names of temples, by the way. Just to share that. So he said, “This particular one what he received here was that this was the main receiver of cosmic energy. It was the place where cosmic consciousness was seated on the planet by beings who came from the stars and saw that humans were ready for it.” So this was like the main receiving site.
It’s amazing to stand next to this particular one because each one of us had our different connectedness with this rock. And what I saw that was so interesting that I’d never seen before anywhere, I tuned into my meditation and I saw way deep under the ground a huge ear, like an ear. And it was as if something was listening. And when we went into this church the next day, we saw all these different amulets and one of them was a huge ear. I’ve never seen that before, but it seemed like it was the listening; listening to Guya or listening to all of life or some kind of real wonderful receiving energy.
And there we all are tuning in around the stone. And you can see this has a very different tone and flavor than the one in Mnajdra that I was showing you. And then I think is a different one, yes. These last ones were Ta’Hagrat and he was explaining that this was the transducer temple that modulated the cosmic energy that came from Skorba that receives the energies of consciousness. We offered our water, our sacred water, in each one of these places. He said, “This received the energy and passed it to other sites around the Earth like a transmitter. They created this technology of how to do this to attract the cosmic energy, download it, hold it, transmute it and transmit it.” Just listening to everything he said, I couldn’t write it down fast enough. It was just fascinating, so that’s what those two pieces were here.
On our way to one of the other temples we went to, we stood and looked at this. It just was exquisite. And Rose our guide said to us, “I have a surprise for you today.” But she wouldn’t tell us what it was. And so we didn’t care, we were having such an extraordinary time. So the surprise was we got to go on a boat and go around there, and it was so magical because it was actually a warm day and it was sunny. It was a perfect day to do that. And so interesting to be on the waters now and feel what the energies were on the waters as we were circling around the island. And we went through this.
Next time I go, not this September, but next. This has now been warmed all through the summer so you can swim and you can see all the way down to the bottom. It’s that clear. They are no sharks, so I’m there, for that reason.
It was really interesting. We had a wonderful fellow that guided us through here. This was during WWII that was built. It’s a little fort. And there’s my favorite island again. And I couldn’t resist that because it just sort of captured really the magic and the beauty of the water.
And here we are again looking at a contrast—this land of contrast that you see in the background, it’s like Rome, and then this amazing vital nature. That’s Mosta Dome that we just were in. Anybody know what that is? He told it was a chameleon, that’s what he said, but it looks like an iguana, doesn’t it? It was pretty fabulous. It was exciting to see that. And again more of the really absolutely vital plant life. And that was just something I’d never seen before that I have no idea what it is, but doesn’t that look like an interesting plant?
And that’s Borage that I just bought some for my garden. That was everywhere, just everywhere. So, we don’t really have enough time for me to go into a whole other piece of—two people that we met that were herbalists and healers and just amazing wonderful people who have these—this one fellow had this restaurant—let me tell you real quick, who has a wood oven that has been going from like 1905. And when we first went in there, there were all these dishes and I thought they’re catering something or something like that. It turned out it was a community kitchen and people from all over the village came and they cooked in there.
It was so wonderful and so we had this fabulous meal and he came out and he brought us these little bottles of some herbal mixture that he makes. And we thought, how wonderful. Then he had this fabulous food and fabulous olive oil, fabulous everything. And then it turned out he was a healer and he went around the table like a Shaman and began doing this incredible healing work. And he said that if we ever wanted to bring back a group that he would take around, we’d learn about the plants, we would do healing work, we’d have good food, and we all just went, we’re not leaving. It was so great.
And we’re clipping our cactus. And again the power of life to go through the stone. And this—does anybody want to guess what you think this might be? Could be; it’s an eye. It looks like an eye. Yes. Remember again in that first reading you will go down into the caverns and look beneath. She had another surprise for us when we were in Gozo. We knocked on the door of somebody’s house, like an apartment, and it turned out they had a grotto under their house because when they were digging a well, this is what they found. And the next picture will be amazing. So then their family members sit, you know, different times of the year; you’re Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and you have this and you’ll just take the tickets and down we go. And that’s where we went. We did our work down there and we did our prayers and we tuned in and we toned. And she was very accepting of us toning. She looked at us a little weird sometimes, but she was great. And she was explaining like just that piece there can take like a thousand years because it’s just drip, drip, drip, drip.
So there this was underneath and we got to go in again; that was really wonderful. There’s Rose at yet another place where we were able to go to. And now I think we’re at a place called Ggantija and they say that Ggantija is the oldest standing structure in the world. And there’s three parts to this temple. And they say that on Gozo it was for the dreaming and dancing and the temple of love. And that the priestesses were prepared here and then were sent to Mnajdra on Malta for the first stages of initiation. And then it was decided if they would go to the Hypogeum for the dreaming; sort of how the teaching went.
Again, we didn’t know if those were like little places where meditation occurred. These are the oracle holes, and they go into all the different chambers so they felt if they did toning or teaching or something we kept coming across these holes called oracle holes. And then also these kind of holes at different places on the stone when you’re entering, so some were saying you could balancing your chakras, what other purpose, we don’t know exactly, but that was fascinating to see that. There’s more of that.
See—more and more of these. These beautiful plants and she has 27 women under her that she’s training as her priestesses, so they’re kind of carrying on the tradition and really letting Malta know that these places are sacred sites for them. And so that’s why she’s able—and they really respect her; so that’s why they’re able to gain access and have a group come and have it just be us for an hour. That’s absolutely wonderful.
Isn’t that interesting? Before I move to that, the last place we took our group as a whole was in the Hypogeum. And we were more prepared this time, so we were not going to be listening to the head thing that said it’s a burial chamber, there are bones here. And we had just an amazingly powerful time. We had two full hours. And we went down and we were able to tone and do our meditation and really honoring the divine feminine in each place. And at one point, I had the most beautiful feeling. As I was walking in this room and we brought our water and we brought that lotus oil that my friend had brought from Egypt, and I got such guidance to take out the lotus oil and put a little drop on one side, another drop on the other side and I was so moved by this action that I started to cry and a tear came down. And then some kind of like poem wrote itself in my mind, in my heart, and it said, “When the oil that returns from the land of—and it wasn’t Egypt but it meant Egypt—and it is accompanied by the sacred tear that is when the new time of the divine feminine will come back.” I have chills again and I’m feeling the tear. Oh, my god. And it was so powerful, and one never knows what that all is, but it felt to me everyone like this divine appointment that our whole group showed up. And this was our last day, and we were so close and so in that heart flame unity, harmony, consciousness, acting together as a cohesive whole. And we all had such beautiful intentions about that and that was our very last day and it was so powerful.
So one of the guides—you have to always be with one of the guides there, he was adorable. We all were like spiraling around each other and he was in the very center and he’s toning and toning. He was so with us. He absolutely was just completely with us. We were going from place to place and he’s toning again. And when we did finally come all the way back up, he hugged every one of us and he said thank you so much, that was wonderful because it wasn’t just going down there, interesting, interesting, we were really doing a different thing and he got it. So that was a fabulous experience for all of us.
So that was the last day with our group. There we went for a celebratory dinner with Francis; that was wonderful. And then my friend Terry and I had the good foresight to go over to Gozo after everything was over and just be there on our own with two other friends. So we met this funny fellow from Australia and he knew all these secret places and places to see the plants and talk with the plants. And so we went with him one day and we took a lovely, lovely walk; just a beautiful walk with him and learned all about the plants, the different work that he was doing, and just love the plants there.
It’s all by the water. Gozo doesn’t have half as many people, so if you ever go, make sure that you spend a lot of time there. It’s a bit more relaxing. And this [unclear 1:49:59.4] and this was the end of our walk. And we stayed at a place that was just a five-minute walk up from here. We didn’t see this when we were coming into stay at this place. If we go again to Gozo, we’ll stay at this place because every room has their own little kitchen and everything. You can put like 11 or 12 people in there; we’re all very excited about this.
Then we walked down and it literally took my breath away. I had no idea that this was what was there. And then we ended up taking this beautiful walk around into here. And I ended up at this place that felt so powerful and very biblical, actually. They said that Mary Magdalene may have passed through here on her way to France; that’s what I felt. Who knows? But this was such a powerful moment right here.
And this was my favorite picture because it felt like these doors had been opened for us; that these secret doors that were hidden. And in actuality, there’s a force on top of this; just to share with you. But I just had the most magical feeling of this particular door, so I had to share this with you.
Then that was the end of our day.
So it’s been wonderful to share everything with you. And I wanted to just say that one day when we were in that church where we had that amazing experience, Francis said with this very interesting look in his eye—the fellow who was the priest I keep talking about—he said the feminine energy was needed to give life on Earth and that it had been subjugated for 12,000 years. He said it’s time to speak out and he looked at everybody and he said, “I hope you’ll speak out.” And that was that moment I thought, “Oh, I’m going to have to give a talk.”
So I’m so grateful to be able to share this because we really are in extraordinary times. And it is so much the time of the heart, you know, and we’re all bringing that in. We’re all coming into that in our own ways, but it’s all the same thing and same journey.
So as I said, our next calling is to Ireland and then we’re going to go to Malta next year. I would just like to finish with just—if we could all close our eyes and just allow yourselves, ahhh, to just sort of take in whatever it is that was meaningful for you in this talk about the connectedness to the heart and feel that in your own heart. And then with your intention, allow yourself to connect with the hearts of everyone in this room. Create our own inner connected heart, flame, harmony and cohesion. And feel that flame in your heart joining with the flames of all the hearts in this room. And just take a nice deep breath and slowly coming back.
So I really want to thank all of you for coming, because I was so excited to share this with everybody. So thank you, thank you.
[End of audio]

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