Access Consciousness Foundation Class

Access Consciousness Foundation Class

February 17, 18, 19, 20 – 2017

9:30 am to 5:30 pm daily
With Juliana Freeman, CF
The Foundation class is a four-day immersion in tools and processes that can allow you to change any area of your life with greater ease. If you have been looking for a new roadmap that truly allows you to express yourself fully, as well as designing the life you really desire to have, then this is the class for you.
Juliana Freeman, international Access Consciousness Facilitator, will guide us in looking deeply into what gets in our way and distracts us from being all we truly are; improving our relationships, including with one’s self; improving our financial reality; how to free ourselves from bindings that do not serve us, and so much more.  You will come away with ways of looking at the world that are light, spacious and full of possibilities.
The class is full of the latest clearings that open up so much more space in your world – even in places you didn’t know were stuck or clogged.  It is a space for you to explore your own belief systems and look for what really represents who you are, and not what you have taken on from others.
There are four potent body processes you will learn, as well as receiving a powerful energetic synthesis of communion from Dr. Dain Heer.
So if you are looking for transformation in any areas of your life – or if you have dreams of what you would like to create, but haven’t believed they were possible or don’t know how to bring them about – come and receive the tools to assist you in bringing them into being.  Juliana loves facilitating this class and considers it a wonderful privilege to watch people change and become lighter, brighter and more easeful with life.
(Pre-requisites:  Access Bars Class–Access Bars Class offered this February 5, 2017.  Please contact Terry Frank at for more information and to register.)

Cost: $1,400 for the first time;  $700 if repeating within 12 months.  Payment plans are available, if required.  Please contact Juliana at for more details.
Place: Bridge Between The Worlds Retreat Center, Keswick, VA
Registration: Please register by February 6 using this link:
For questions regarding the class please email Juliana at
For more information about Juliana please visit her website

2/17/2017 0:00 to 2/20/2017 23:59


Feb 17 - 20 2017


8:00 am - 6:00 pm