Thirty years ago I was living and teaching English in Tokyo, Japan.  I was  just beginning my journey of opening up to greater realities concerning the interconnectedness of all of Life.  Six months after I arrived in Tokyo I decided to visit the island of Iriomote said to be home to the elusive Iriomote Read More >>


Land clearing experience shared by  my client, Emily. My husband and I bought a piece of land two years ago, built a house, and moved in last year. Shortly after we arrived, I felt the presence of someone watching me. I wasn’t afraid, really, but I heard disturbing noises downstairs and frequently was awakened in Read More >>

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The first week of the new year has always held special importance to me for what occurs during that time seems to set a tone somehow for the  whole year. On January 6th, Kate White and I offered a Process Workshop entitled Birthing Yourself into Being to  three participants  who stayed at the retreat center Read More >>

There  comes a time in life when the urge to manifest a dream far outweighs the fear and procrastination of doing so. This is a story about the birth and manifestation of a dream and an invitation to the community to now share in the bounty. In 1978, I left south western Pennsylvania and moved Read More >>

Below is the transcript of the Sacred Touch Talk I gave at the William James Society in Virginia. I address some basic topics in this talk – when I first became aware of sacred touch, major milestones that propelled my development, how this journey has changed me and my perception of reality and the universe Read More >>

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