Bridge Between the Worlds is a center for powerful pathways to healing, restoration, and connection with essence of spirit, with a focus on Transformational Healing work with Margaretta McIlvaine. 

The retreat center is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and is open throughout the year. Our 20-acre site is hidden in the woods by a lake, offering many ways to enjoy and connect with the natural world.

To foster restoration, we suggest walking our many wooded paths, canoeing, using the infrared sauna and hot tub, and bringing awareness to the wise and mystical energies that abound.

Bridge Between The Worlds Founder, Margaretta McIlvaine | Learn more about Margaretta and the center - visit www.bridgebetweentheworlds.com

We have the most amazing energy healer right here in town. She is the REAL deal and I have the utmost respect for her and recommend her without reservation. I hope you might be intrigued enough to have the opportunity to work with her. I feel confident you will be delighted if you do. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life..

Jeanne Bruce-Phillips, Charlottesville, VA


Healing Services

Healing can move beyond the physical into more subtle aspects of the individual, and it can become a profound process of growth and awakening.

Personal Retreats

Take a personal retreat at Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center | visit bridgebetweentheworlds.com

Create your own personal retreat to recharge, revitalize and reconnect with yourself. To foster restoration, we offer wooded paths, canoeing, an infrared sauna and hot tub.

Facility Rentals

Facilities2 at Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center | visit www.bridgebetweentheworlds.com

An ideal setting for your next conference, workshop, retreat, training, educational program, or special event. Also, a lovely setting for intimate weddings.


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Facilities Rental Agreement

Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center, LLC 2395 Paddock Wood Road Keswick, Virginia 22947 (434)466-3441 Email: bridge@bbtw.org FACILITIES RENTAL AGREEMENT Name of...
Reflections of Magic in Nature with Margaretta McIlvaine | Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center | visit www.bridgebetweentheworlds.com
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