The Heart of It All A Co-creation and Communion with Earth 17th -23rd April, 2019 The Northern Lands of Portugal

Resounding Earth Team
The Resounding Earth collaboration grounds our work more deeply into a real alchemical process through the embodiment of craft, where sound, as vibration, becomes physical form.


Gabriella Kapfer
Gabriella Kapfer is passionate about teaching co-creative partnership with nature and the earth and has been co-facilitating workshops, retreats and transformational journeys and pilgrimages with sound, nature and craft for many years.
She has evolved a new modality called Sound Weaving,  creating vibrational fields of coherence and possibility through sound and vibration. She has repeatedly found that this work facilitates healing, change and transformation in subtle but powerful ways.
As a skilled craftswoman, experienced and deeply intuitive sound alchemist she creates alchemy with the forge, fire and metal as she smiths sounding instruments of energy and vibration. It is a dedicated work of love that contributes to the future of the planet.
She also has a background in process orientated psychology/ psychotherapy, group-work, music and working with the land/gardens in co-creative partnership, all of which comes into play through her sensitive and attuned facilitation.
She learnt the craft of metal smithing and instrument making with master coppersmith and blacksmith Ton Akkermans since 2004 and started offering workshops of singing-bowl making in 2011.
She is particularly skilled at facilitating the alchemical process with metal, fire, the elements and the vibration of conscious heartfelt connection as a way to consciously invite, birth and/or transform energies in our personal lives and in the world. As such the making of the singing bowls becomes a tool of creation way beyond the instrument itself.
Through the embodiment of the craft, sound, as vibration becomes physical form.
See Gabriella’s website for more information


Heather Cowen
Heather Cowennee ‘Smith’ has a wide reaching background in facilitation,teaching and hosting. Heather empowers others to widen their lens and perceive beyond the evidence based surface. She gives people access to more of themselves through sound, music and creative mentoring,  intuitive and well developed skills of deep listening as well as energy healing and one to one facilitation.
She has been crafting singing bowls and bells since 2010 and has been hosting and co-facilitating the work since having first met Ton Akkermans in that same year. It is a work she thrives on. Engagement with all of the beauty and possibiities in the physical process of making opens up so much for the shifts and changes that the people themselves are asking for. Many have described her as a Bowl Whisperer, a Muse and Midwife to new Creations. She is also called upon for Doula work with those who are dying and have died.
She has a wide experience of and a wild love of intuitive cooking, co-creating meals with the plants and bodies she is feeding! Heather also offers a wide range of tools for change and living with greater ease and is a facilitator of Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes and is always learning more about her own capacities and opening doors to others having more of their own.
See Heather’s website for more of her work.


We are so delighted that our friend and long time play mate in co-creation and transformational work, Margaretta McIlvaine has joined us in the Creating Heaven on Earth Retreat in Portugal.
Margaretta is the founder and director Bridge Between The Worlds, a centre in Virginia for the study of subtle Energy Medicine and for studying and connecting with the essence of spirit in Nature.
In addition to her private practice, teaching classes and running the retreat center, Margaretta has been co-creating journeys as part of a group that includes Gabriella and Heather, guiding spiritual and conscious tours to magical localities such as Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Malta and now Portugal!
A gifted intuitive healer and clairvoyant she assists clients in connecting with all aspects of their multidimensional selves so that life can be lived and experienced from a larger perspective and a higher frequency. She has learned how to access wisdom directly from the higher planes. Her approach to transformational healing draws from a vast body of formal training that includes the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, The Virginia School of Massage, Earth Acupuncture, Shiatsu, guided imagery, numerous Buddhist retreats, and all levels of Reiki training. As a certified Integral Hatha Yoga teacher she will be offering our group invitations to experience bodies and touch in profound and beautiful ways.
Her love and appreciation of nature inspired her to create Bridge Between The Worlds, a retreat center with a mission to assist others to connect with the essence of spirit and intelligence in nature and to recognize the healing power of the elements in the natural world.
Margaretta’s approach to transformational healing brings together her extensive formal trainings with discoveries based on her own experiences of self-healing and self-transcendence.
Her work takes her all over the world with regular clinics in Tokyo, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Maryland and home base in Virginia.
If we were to sum it up in a few words we’d say something like …Margaretta is totally heart based … through her heart she draws everything together from a wisdom path that extends to beyond the the human realm… she lives from an abiding and deep commitment to conscious and joy fully embodied living! For more about Margaretta and Bridge Between the Worlds see here.  



Apr 17 - 23 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm