Drumming Workshop with Yolanda Martinez

Drum Making Workshop with Yolanda Martinez

October 28 Saturday @ 9:30 AM

Sunday October 29 @ 10AM-12PM

At Bridges Between Worlds retreat center, 2395 Paddock Woods Rd, Keswick VA


Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the experience of making a unique, handcrafted drum in the traditional native way with Apache Master Drum Maker, Singer/Songwriter, and Medicine Woman Yolanda Martinez, who has been making drums since 1987. These powerful instruments, which make your body vibrate when properly constructed and played, will be made in a beautiful, traditional, sacred way honoring the four legged creatures who sacrificed their skins and sinew as well as the standing people (trees) who contributed. Bring your joy, light Spirit and good intentions. Aho.

The Saturday session lasts from 10am to 2pm, and on Sunday, after the drums have dried overnight, the group births” each drum in a circle ceremony, hearing their different voices for the first time and sharing stories about what each participant learned during the process.

Yolanda begins by ceremonially smudging everyone with sage she has personally gathered from the West, opening the day with prayer and song. She tells people who she is, how the Gift of the Drum came to her, what the sacrifice of the animals means to us now, and why the instrument we are about to make is so powerful. She makes a Demo Drum and guides everyone towards understanding what we are making at every step of the way. The circle ends with a Closing Prayer and Pot Luck Feast, if desired.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring hydration and a snack or lunch if needed; a full kitchen and tea/coffee station are provided.

Yolanda brings everything needed—hoops, sinew, soaked rawhide, and handmade beaters, as well as her Nammy/Grammy winning recordings, meditations, carrying cases, and sage packs to sell.

Cost is: 14” Elk $325 ($355 for Buffalo, and reserve ahead of time on website)

16” Elk $355 ($385 for Buffalo, and reserve ahead of time on website)

18” Elk $385 ($410 for Buffalo, and reserve ahead of time on website)

The cost of the venue rental will be divided between the number of participants, ranging from $27 to $45. DEADLINE TO REGISTER: OCTOBER 16.

To register, go to the website at www.yolandasdrums.com under Events,” where you will see Bridges listed. Paypal or credit card payments accepted.

Thank you!

Yolanda Martinez can be reached at Legends Alive Productions, LLC, ydrums@aol.com, and


10/28/2017 9:00 to 10/29/2017 17:00


Oct 28 - 29 2017


8:00 am - 6:00 pm