Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics workshop with Kate White

Please join us for the  Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics workshop with Kate White. This is a prerequisite to the 5 module training. She is  also creating an online learning classroom,  and will soon have free content and more content up there.

Here is the link for the Introduction:


.aving been in this field a very long time, absorbing what all the pioneers, teachers, and current trends in healing have to offer, I know that healing earliest trauma and a practitioner depends on several things:

  • Recognition of the baby’s experience. The best way to learn is to dip into  your own early experiences. In the introduction, we have a mini birth process. You will recognize the 5 point sequence patterns and be able to work with them. I also recommend our process workshops. We offer 2 in August.
  • Be able to identify and shift states. John Chitty said, State change is the name of the game. Most baby states are connected to survival and love. They are sometimes deeply spiritual states and in their pure form, are the best of our humanity. Honestly. Period. We come from a spiritual place, as Wordsworth said, Trailing clouds of glory. I have felt those states. They are there in our tissue. But if we have had earliest trauma, these states can be obscured. Then we also have the families we come from, our societal norms and culture. We are nested in rings of experience. In this training, I want to bring real life skills of attending to the cultural processes of coming into form, making a body and being born. It is all in relationship.
  • Touch is key. I am developing a dyadic training that will allow bodyworkers to create a healing space using all the skills of presence, interpersonal neurobiology, and touch. I will bring some of that into this training.
  • Listening is essential. Contingent communication is a big part of that.
  • Being in your Leading Edge with consciousness.

Kate says,  “there is so much to teach and things I want to bring to this work. What I would like, and what is my intention, is to create a loving community so that you can learn together. Safe, grounded, real, honest, vulnerable. This is my teaching style. Myself, Lois, and the teaching assistants will all help you with that.”

For more information and to register please contact Kate at and see her website at

You can also contact Margaretta at 434-293-9708.  Thank you.

5/30/2019 9:00 to 6/2/2019 17:00


May 30 2019 - Jun 02 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm