Mikael Zayat and Essentail Oils


JOIN US for a workshop with Mikael Zagat and learn more about the alchemy of essential oils on April 14th and 15th.  Mikael will be visiting the US from Canada and we are honored to be able to host him.

Please see the interview below for more information about essential oils and visit his website at zayataroma.com.

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UPDATED INTERVIEW OF Mikael ZAYAT,* ALCHEMIST and CLINICAL AROMATHERAPIST for the past 25 years, with Marie Allizon

Marie: Can you tell us how aromatherapy works?

Mikaël : First, essential oils are the life force” of plants. Unlike fatty oils, these are subtle, volatile, and aromatic liquids extracted, through distillation, from flowers, aromatic plants, fruits, and herbs, and the seeds, leaves, branches, and bark of trees. A great quantity of plant material is required to extract the essential oil. They are one of the most valuable and oldest forms of medicine known to human beings. Most natural essential oils are antiseptic. This is an important aspect, but used vibrationally, natural grade A” essential oils act as a booster since they raise tremendously the vibration of the person who wears them. It will balance the physical, emotional and spiritual states.
On one hand, essential oils help the body fight certain bacteria and viruses, to strengthen the immune system, but on a more subtle level, it helps us become more in tune with our Higher Consciousness. As you know a newborn first recognizes his mother by her odor more than her sight or voice. Since the dawn of time, smell is one of the most important ways to recognize and discriminate what is good for us and what is not; it tells us what to get and what to avoid. When you use the right oil, and I mean a high-grade essential oil – preferably from plants that grow in your surroundings – it helps you to reach a higher state of consciousness, you become more energized, more vibrant and gain charisma. The royal families knew that and they had their own perfumes that nobody else had the right to use. One of the essential oils most valued by kings and queens was the true Rose oil.
Unfortunately, since the beginning of the century, perfumers succeeded in developing a full range of synthetic perfumes which only hide the undesirable odors and imitate true natural essence. Not only do they not compare with true essential oil, but they lower, for sure, the vibrational level of the user and they are known to cause allergies. True Rose oil, for example, is rare because it takes 30 fresh roses to make one drop (about $2 a drop), while a synthetic rose perfume sells for $2 per oz. which no doubt explains why they replaced the true ones. The chemical labs developed a wide range of synthetic perfumes: lily of the valley, lilac, gardenia, honeysuckle, peach, apricot, banana, apple, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, etc. These fragrances cannot be extracted from natural sources. They are just a mixture of chemicals with not one drop of Mother Nature in them. They can even be dangerous because our sense of smell become confused, as we are naturally attracted to what smells good. So, we dont know we are being misled. Dont be fooled by aromatic soaps, bath oils, candles, etc. with these fragrances. To raise your consciousness level, use only true essential oils because this will enable you to interact with the subtle kingdoms.

Marie: But with so many oils on the market now, how can you identify the pure” ones?

Mikaël: Since most essential oils used in the cosmetic industry, are now synthetic and produced in a laboratory, you have to be aware of imitations that can destroy your own sense of smell and keep you away from your reality. Only pure oils contain a full spectrum of compounds that cheap imitations simply cannot duplicate. A major herb company just started a line of pure essential oils and discovered that and I quote: Surprisingly a majority of essential oils currently on the market are tainted by foreign substances. Because of the enormous amount of raw product used to make wholly natural essential oils, nearly every other product on the market has been polluted with lower quality, commercial-grade oils or contain other chemical substances to reduce the cost or increase the profit margin – a fact not usually revealed on the label.” Using high-tech Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer analysis, quality standards can now be measured. But you can also use strict olfactory (smell) evaluation, country of origin, method of extraction, and plant species as measuring factors. All the oils I use are either steam distilled or cold expressed (citrus oils).

Marie: What are the best oils you recommend for people living in North America?

Mikaël: In the North, conifers, of course, are among the most appropriate ones. Above all, firs and pines like Black and White Spruce, Red Pine, Arbor Vitae (known by the native Americans as the tree of life), Larch, Hemlock Fir, Wild Tansy, and of course for those who live in the South, all citruses, and Monard, Virginia Cedar, Cypress, (wonderful to tonify the veins). For the West, the Texas Cedarwood, also called Mexican Cedar can be used.
Canadian Tsuga, which is abundant in Quebec and the Northeastern region of the United States, helps you get in the here and now,” so you can get rid of fear, the first and most important obstacle to the ascension towards other dimensions. Balsam Fir is the traditional Christmas tree known for its antiseptic properties. Its smell brings joy. If you add a few drops of Cinnamon oil, you will have a cheerful mix for the season, as Cinnamon brings joy, abundance and prosperity!

Marie: How can we use Essential Oils?

Mikaëll: As you know aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for the benefit of the body, the spirit and the soul. It enhances physical, emotional and spiritual health and beauty. Here are simple ways to use them.
(1) An essential oil can be inhaled, thus reaching the brain which in turn responds to the particular scent affecting our emotions and chemical balance. Put a few drops on a handkerchief and breathe in deeply.
(2) If you mix it with a neutral oil (almond, olive, safflower, canola, jojoba, or sunflower), it will make a wonderful massage oil. Your body will absorb it and carry it throughout via the circulatory system to reach the appropriate internal organs.
(3) Use a diffuser which will send tiny drops of oil in the air.
(4) In some cases, you can also take one drop internally with honey. Not all essential oils can be taken internally. Only those extracted from herbs used in the kitchen, like Aniseed, Basil, Carrot seeds, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Coriander, Fennel, Marjoram, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tarragon, Thyme, etc. and they should be 100% pure and natural.
If you breathe in an essential oil or place it under your feet and behind your ears, it will be distributed to every cell of your body in a few seconds and last 21 minutes. It will even penetrate a toenail to reach the fungus underneath – with Arbor Vitae. It may also be worn as a perfume or on the bottom of your feet, neck, face, back, wrist, and on your heart. If you do not like the smell of an oil, it is usually because it is not appropriate for you. Each person responds differently to an aromatic stimulus. Try one and enjoy what was once available only to the elite.”
Thanks to my many friends throughout the world, I carry just about every essential oil, all of which are top quality. No fillers are used in my products. I also carry other wonderful natural products like Shea Butter and Argania, which come from the nuts of an African tree. Its natural vitamins A, D and E rejuvenate, protect and smooth your skin. It also fights wrinkles and dry skin without leaving your skin oily.
▪ Zayat” in Arabic means the one who makes oils,” which is what Mikaels ancestors have done for centuries in Syria. Mikael has a Masters degree in education, speaks 7 languages, and gives workshops in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan etc.

Thank you!

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