Weaving Sacred Strength Retreat


Join us for this restorative day long visionary retreat and bring new energy into the New Year!

To register please contact Christel at christel.libiot@gmail.com
H: 301-372-0797
C: 202-255-7332

Weaving Sacred Strength Retreat  with Lisa Jacenich, Carol Burbank, Christel Libiot and Jim Wert.

Experience three paths to healing, creativity, and heart opening consciousness to help you step into the New Year energized, grounded and inspired.

Like a sailor taking three bearings at sea to chart a course, youll explore three creative strategies that help you start where you are, and dream big with fellow travelers to support you. Let’s get our bearings together on January 29 in a daylong retreat where mind, body and spirit come together as we join in community during this time of change and transition. We will weave mindful and creative fiber art, writing, and ritual. This day of sacred play will help you shift into the flow of your authentic life, and charge your batteries for the year to come.

Lisa Jacenich begins the day with total submersion in texture and color by leading us through the creation of our own Sacred Cloth, a heritage craft and tactile meditation. You will create a beautiful alter cloth with a focused intention through the ancient art of felt-making.

Story Weaving writing journeys with Carol Burbank will help you claim your power so you free yourself from self-sabotaging beliefs and stories, and find your calling in the world. Youll learn techniques to shift and play with your story through journal writing, creative writing, and improvisation.

Finally, integrate your insights in the heart opening ritual of the Sacred Cacao ceremony with Christel Libiot and Jim Wert. Cacao, the superfood fruit of the wild Criollo trees in the rainforest, has a high vibration and spiritual potency, helping restore the harmony of humanity and nature, and offering a relaxing invitation to ground your spiritual journey and send you home integrated and ready to celebrate.

Join us to explore and energize your whole being in creative, sacred space in this visionary retreat! The day weaves together to celebrate your strength and help you chart your way forward during this time of significant change, and open pathways to new insights and awareness that will help you love the story of your life.

1/29/2017 10:00 to 1/29/2017 18:00


Jan 29 2017


8:00 am - 6:00 pm