Women’s Circle Workshop

Join us for a creative time of recharging, restoring and reconnecting! We welcome  Denise Cory Hart to Virginia and all the gifts she has to share.  
What is the value of coming to a Women’s Circle Workshop- Mini Retreat
Connecting to your creative feminine flow, is why women crave to gather in
women’s circle’s that cultivates deep nourishment and value to our hearts and souls.
In ancient days women shared with sacred intention, all that was nestled in her heart. Come experience the sacredness of a women’s circle – mini retreat, that will ignite a flame of divine light within you, that will continue to glow brighter and brighter.
Your creative feminine will be bursting with vitality, to experience your true self, in a sacred space of renewal and replenishment, and so  valuable when our hearts are overflowing with joy.
Denise will lead you though a variety of feminine creative experiences, in this amazing, Women’s Circle Workshop – Mini Retreat at Phoenix Fitness & Yoga on -Sunday, November 6, 2022 from 1-4pm
🌹 Guided Meditation, to clear and balance the chakras which influences our endocrine system, internal organs and emotional well-being. 30 mins – receive a free meditation Crystal ($13 value)
🌹 Learn dowsing techniques, to answer questions you have, while connecting with your own intuitive guidance more effectively. – receive a free pendulum. ($20 value)
30 mins
🌹Create with water color paints, intuitively to connect with your child like self to feel the wonderment of color, flow, intention as you will experience more relaxation and letting go of anxieties of the mind.(supplies provided)30 mins
🌹 Creative feminine movement to music. You will be guided to stretch and move, to experience your own natural flow and rhythms in a safe and nurturing space; to feel how your body is in relationship with your heart as you move to your unique inner rhythm of chi(energy)flowing and glowing. 30 mins
🌹 Gather and share in a feminine circle, while enjoying some light refreshments. In this circle of divine feminine energy, we will hold the space for sacred connecting to be nourished. You will feel enriched, inspired and connected into the sacred art of femininized sharing. 60 mins (Bring a pillow to sit on the floor if you like, chairs are available).
Denise Cory Hart has a wholistic wellness practice in Waynesboro. You may discover all of the nourishing services Denise offers by going to,www.DeniseCoryHart.com
 Denise owned a beautiful, Crystal wellness boutique on the Big Island –Star Light Hawaii Crystals & Treasures – for 12 years where she met 1,000’s of people from all parts of the world, that loved finding treasures and learning in a short span of time, how to increase their well-being. Denise continues to work remotely with many of her Star Light customers/clients/friends who love integrating more, into their wholistic nature. Through a strange set of events just prior to 2020, forced Denise’s beautiful shop to close, that changed the trajectory of her life. This difficult closure, led Denise, her daughter and fur baby – Jazzy, to move off the Big Island. They were on quest to find where their new home was going to be. Denise moved her wellness practice to Durango, Colorado and a year ago, was serendipitously called to Virgina. She lived in Fairfax, Virgina from birth-3years of age, and then in Waynesboro from 1994-1995. Denise loves the blue ridge mountains and the state of Virgina, as her second favorite place, she has lived in. She plans to plant her roots in the Augusta – Albemarle area. Denise was called to Virgina to create and build her higher purpose visions, she received when she was twenty-four.  Denise’s passion, is to inspire people to connect to ones, own divine genius within; be inspired to create one’s higher purpose, and to live a balanced – wholistic lifestyle. Denise is a leader, coach, healer, consultant, teacher, artist, intuitive guide and visionary.
 Pre- pay: Payment Link – Saturday November 12 – Women’s Circle – Mini Retreat



Pre- Register with Denise: denise@denisecoryhart.com or text/call Denise: (808)443-6136
Please follow the parking signs to the back parking lot and enter through the glass doors on the lower level.
Denise Cory Hart


Nov 12 2022


1:00 am - 4:00 pm

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