Thirty years ago I was living and teaching English in Tokyo, Japan.  I was  just beginning my journey of opening up to greater realities concerning the interconnectedness of all of Life.  Six months after I arrived in Tokyo I decided to visit the island of Iriomote said to be home to the elusive Iriomote cat.  I was traveling on my own and would like to share one of my first journal entries from that time written with very little editing.

I was on the beach and started walking till I  found a giant red Tori  Gate(a large red gate like structure often found near  places of spiritual significance    connected to the Shinto religion) placed right on the beach.  I  saw a path leading up one of the steepest slopes I’d ever seen. The atmosphere was powerful if not a little scary. I slowly climbed the rocks feeling the power of the place almost wondering if I should be there. When I got to the top, I saw a huge rock with two smaller ones on the left side.  I felt an overwhelming kind of energy that seemed to  command that I sit.  The energy was stern and I couldn’t even look at the rock. I just sat there in a daze waiting for the information and invisible communication.  Then it came.

It said, “These two rocks will be your helpers. They will transmit the information. It is time to open that channel.” I was startled and couldn’t move, could hardly breathe. Then it told me to pick up the red rock so they could activate the inner eye. I was shaking and started to cry a little. It told me to rub the palms of my hands with the red rock to open the chakras there. I did start to cry and then it said to put it on my third eye. I did and a full face with huge eyes appeared and then many pictures. The stern voice then said, ‘You are not ready. You haven’t learned to control the images.”

I took the rock away and waited. I felt young as if I knew nothing and was not ready to move to another level. Then a most amazing thing happened. An energy descended. Little lights were sparkling,  so soft , so delicate, so gentle, so loving, the force of God I think. It was the most pure loving energy I have ever felt. It sparkled around me and I said aloud, ‘Something is here’ and a voice said, ‘stay with it.’..and I bent my head and felt my channel and the sparkling energy came to me and flowed through me and all around me.

When it was over I felt as if I had been helped by God, like Grace had come. I left the place taking care not to look back. I was a little shaken. I then found another place which was just as amazing. A pathway led away from the beach. I came to an area scattered again with those little fertility temples. One beckoned me. The energy was again so kind and wise like that of an old grandfather. I came in and sat down. A huge stone with Chinese characters smiled down gently at me. I could see a man, a kind wise man in my minds eye, so gentle. He told me to sit and I did. I was feeling a little coarse and heavy, not so clear, a bit confused like too much was happening at once. He was so gentle though and suddenly the energy I felt flow through me before was all around.  It was in the trees, in every leaf, in  the stones, in the air. It was so pure, so gentle, so delicate, so spiritual.    Soft. I can’t say enough about the gentleness, like that of a new leaf unfolding. It was all around me. “ This is you”, it said, “Awaken.   You are aware now.  Awaken, awaken.”

It was an awakening an I knew it.  Allness was all around me and I saw how inextricably I am connected to the whole. I was stroking a leaf next to me crying at the gently energy.  I loved it so . “ You are this”, it said.  “Be gentle with yourself.”   I just sobbed as I connected to my true energy and although I have a long way to go, I know who I am.  I know I am part of the Divine Force.

Written all those years ago and now here I sit at my retreat center, Bridge Between the Worlds, a center dedicated to honoring the intelligence of Spirit in Nature to assist all to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the essence of Spirit in Nature.   Written 12/12/18

Land clearing experience shared by  my client, Emily.

My husband and I bought a piece of land two years ago, built a house, and moved in last year. Shortly after we arrived, I felt the presence of someone watching me. I wasn’t afraid, really, but I heard disturbing noises downstairs and frequently was awakened in the middle of the night with an urgency that felt like someone was communicating, “we have to tell you something.” As this continued, my daughter refused to sleep in her room because she was frightened. In essence, I was exhausted! I didn’t feel settled in the house.

I called Maggie and arranged for her to come to the land.  After walking around and getting a clear sense that something indeed was present, we sat on the couch and she was guided to listen intuitively to honor the call I heard in the night. Maggie began by sending the message that we came in peace and immediately saw the face of a Native American leader who seemed to have the ability to be present with the many souls that were present on the land as well as communicate with her.  The first words he spoke were, “You realize you’re trespassing, don’t you?”  He was filled with anger, pain, and fury, and Maggie could see that he demanded a witness to what had occurred on the land but had had none. It felt essential to see and acknowledge the events for any type of healing to take place. She described that he took her “spirit face” in his hands so she could a scene where not only women, children and braves were massacred but also white settlers that were trying to help the Indians.

Tears were coming down my face as she shared this and we both got a sense that I was a white settler in that lifetime.  After this ‘witnessing’ his demeanor greatly relaxed and he began to explain that it was essential for this to be known for those who died were not buried with honor and because of this their souls could not move on.

He then shared what was to be done to honor these souls and open a door for them to be free.  He gave the following instructions. First, that my family needs to be aware that we are in a sense sharing this land for a time. We are to welcome their presence rather than fear it. We also are to get a piece of white cloth and choose a tree to tie it on.  This is a signal to all the souls that we do indeed come in peace. In addition, we are to place a quartz crystal underneath the back porch.  It is essential that these souls feel comfortable and safe again on a land that was once theirs before they move on. Finally we are to collect some oak leaves and and put four acorns in each leaf and fold it in a particular manner.  We are then to wrap the oak leaf with a long piece of grass and place these packages at various places in the woods around the house.

Then an extraordinary thing happened. Maggie saw that this Native American brought his consciousness somehow to the time before the Europeans arrived and felt once again the life they had lost. He then brought his awareness to the present time in 2016 and looked around with a deeply wise look on his face and said, “All things change. I will show this to my people.” We both knew then that there would be a healing for these souls and for the land.

I asked about my daughter and her inability to sleep in her room.  A depth of wisdom came forth.  He began to explain that when the furniture was last moved in her room, it was moved in fear.  I gasped because we had moved the bed so she could see our bedroom through the hallway.  He said the signature of fear was still in the room and it was necessary to change the furniture around from this new perspective.  Then he taught that every action we do leaves a kind of energy signature and to be mindful of that.

I feel very supported and validated by Maggie and the work she does at her center. The experience was amazing and my family and I can be on the land in a new way.  We placed the crystals and will do the oak leaf offerings in the fall as was asked. I have left the chair facing out into the woods on the back porch to give whomever a place to sit and in my mind, it is the Native American Chief with whom we communicated. Chris , my husband, and I found a long piece of white material. I walked outside and let myself be drawn to a particular tree that was to the far right the house. As I approached it, Chris told me that was the tree he uses for target practice. He shot at it repeatedly and as I got closer, I noticed it was damaged. The bark had come off in some spots and it was shorn in other areas. I knew immediately that was the tree. I tied the white cloth around and just placed my hands on it and just repeated “we honor you and thank you. What was once broken can be mended”. Chris will never shoot at that tree ever again.

Our experience was really life-changing. After that communication, my entire afternoon was full of light and the most beautiful energy I’ve felt in quite some time. My property feels entirely different to me. It is not as heavy or dark but more spirited . The aura of historical integrity and substance is still so present. What has been interesting, but not surprising, is that since we met I have not been hearing any messages at 3 am about hunger, or starving or please hear us out..we have something to share. I have heard a voice say, “”

The first week of the new year has always held special importance to me for what occurs during that time seems to set a tone somehow for the  whole year. On January 6th, Kate White and I offered a Process Workshop entitled Birthing Yourself into Being to  three participants  who stayed at the retreat center for the weekend apprehensive yet excited to get support in a deep, healing, conscious process of birthing a new self.

On the eve of the workshop as we were readying the teaching space, I was watering all the plants and was met with some magic of Nature.  There it was in the middle of winter a gorgeous, full, red, blooming hibiscus flower announcing itself with many more buds also on the way.   I was stunned.  How could this be possible?  Often before classes and workshops certain animals show up bringing, it seems, support and a message.  I had not noticed this with plants before.   As I tuned in, I felt it was a sign for the people coming.  During the fall the hibiscus tree  had nearly died.  It lost most of it’s leaves and I felt certain it would not survive the winter.  And yet not only had it survived that hardship, it had learned to thrive again.

As the participants shared their difficult histories and bravely traversed the inner journey with the support of the group, the beautiful flowering hibiscus encouraged them on as a symbol that even through the roughest of times, new life can emerge.

Nature is our greatest teacher.   How blessed we are to be immersed in it.  Take time this year to be present to the beauty of nature and listen to its wisdom.



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Below is the transcript of the Sacred Touch Talk I gave at the William James Society in Virginia. I address some basic topics in this talk – when I first became aware of sacred touch, major milestones that propelled my development, how this journey has changed me and my perception of reality and the universe. I also describe what a healing session can be like in my work with sacred touch and share some feedback that I’ve been given from clients.

I’m really very honored to be here to talk about a subject that is so very dear to my heart. It has been my passion to do this work for many years. I started out my career as an English teacher for ESL students and loved working with people of different cultures, talking about communication skills and interestingly enough, I feel in a sense I’m doing a very similar thing in my healing work today.

Every person is a culture of his/her own in a sense and how to communicate and work with people is a very important piece of this work. There were many milestones that marked my path to healing and it was really my spiritual search that prompted it all. I always had a hunger for the invisible world and a longing to be in communication with it. And it has all been a wonderful journey although a difficult one at times. I’d like to address some basic topics in this talk – when I first became aware of sacred touch, major milestones that propelled my development, how this journey has changed me, and my perception of reality and the universe. I’ll describe what a session can be like in my work with sacred touch and share some feedback that I’ve been given
from clients and I’ll leave some time at the end for questions.

I would say that more than sacred touch at the beginning, I had the ability of sacred perception which then led me to sacred touch. It started out when I was a child. I believe that all children are open…Read the full transcript

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