Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center, LLC
2395 Paddock Wood Road
Keswick, Virginia 22947
Name of Client: _____________________________ Event title: ___________________________
Event Date/s: ____________________ Start: ________AM/PM End: _________AM/PM
Estimated Number of Participants: ________
Represented by: ________________________
Address: _____________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________
Phone (w):____________________
Phone (h): ____________________ Cell: _______________
Email: _____________________________________________
RETREAT CENTER CHARGES: $___________________ (including non-refundable deposit of
$50/day). Received: $______________, Date: __________________.
Remaining Balance Due _________________ by (Date): ________________.
_____ DIGITAL PROJECTOR (no charge)
_____ WIFI/INTERNET (no charge)
_____ EXTRA PORTABLE TABLE (no charge). For extra workspace and outside dining.
Dimensions 2.5′ x 6′.
_____ Queen Garden Bedroom | $100/night | Dates: _______________________.
_____ Queen All Inclusive Bedroom | $110/night | Dates: ______________________.
_____ Private Cabin | $180/night | Dates: ______________________.
TOTAL LODGING CHARGES: $___________________. Amount Paid (full payment required
upon reservation) $ _______________________, Date: ____________________.
This agreement (the Agreement) is made this _________ day of ____________________,
___________, between __________________________________________ (the Client) and Bridge
Between the Worlds, LLC.
Bridge Between the Worlds, LLC, and the Client agree as follows:
RETREAT CENTER DEPOSIT AND CANCELLATION. The Client must execute the Agreement and
provide Bridge Between the Worlds, LLC, with a $50.00/day non-refundable deposit to reserve the
Retreat Center. The remaining balance of the rental event is due (30) days before the scheduled event
or as otherwise arranged with the Facility Coordinator and the remaining balance is non-refundable.
LODGING CANCELLATION. Where any bedrooms or the Cabin are reserved either as a block booking
or in conjunction with an Event, such lodging is block booked and reserved exclusively to the Client.
Accordingly, this lodging will not be released unless such reservation is canceled by the Client via email
or written letter to the Facility Coordinator. The following cancellation fees apply for such lodging
reserved by the Client:
30 days 14 days, 50% deposit refunded
13 days day of reservation, 25% deposit refunded
FACILITIES INCLUDED. Use of the following amenities by the Client are included: the Octagon Room,
community and kitchen area adjacent to the Octagon Room, sleeping rooms if reserved, the private cabin
if reserved, inflatable mattresses, stone patio, hot tub, infrared sauna, gazebo, walking trails, and parking
area. Use of the kitchen includes the following: Full-sized refrigerator, full-sized oven, microwave oven,
30-cup hot water heater, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, utensils and pots.
CATERING. The Client is responsible for understanding the caterer’s role, responsibilities and
obligations. The Facility Coordinator will provide a recommended local caterer list by request. The Client
will provide the caterer’s name and meals provided to the Facility Coordinator.
FOOD AND BEVERAGES. The Client will ensure that all food and beverages with the exception of
water are kept out of the Octagon Room unless the Client has made agreements with the Facility
SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Center premises. Smoking is allowed in the upper
parking lot.
DECORATIONS. The Client will ensure that decorations or other items are not taped, nailed, tacked, or
otherwise attached to any part of the Octagon Room.
USE OF INFRARED SAUNA. Use of the infrared sauna is included only with the expressed permission
of any guest staying the in the Queen/Yellow bedroom. The sauna is adjacent to the bedroom.
USE OF HOT TUB. Use of the hot tub requires notifying the Facility Coordinator of the time of intended
use. The Facility Coordinator must turn on the hot tub five hours before intended use to allow enough
time for the water to heat.
USE OF CERTAIN OUTDOOR AMENITIES. The use of the stone patio fire pit and swimming in the
lake are not permitted unless the Client has made agreements with the Facility Coordinator.
MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY. The maximum capacity of the Octagon Room is 75 people.
CLOSE OF EVENT CLEAN-UP. The Client is responsible for the following cleanup at the close of the
KITCHEN AREA. Wash and put away all dishes, pots, serving dishes and utensils. Remove all
food from the refrigerator and clean all appliances. Sweep the tiled floor area. Vacuum the
carpeted area with the vacuum in the storage area. Wipe off counter and table tops.
OCTAGON ROOM. Return all chairs, pillows, blankets, rugs and any other items in the Octagon
Room to their placements on arrival. Sweep or vacuum the floors. Vacuum the carpets.
BATHROOM. Empty the trash can. Remove all toiletries.
SOILED LINENS. Place all soiled towels in bag provided by the wood stove. Leave sheets and
pillow cases at the end of the beds.
TRASH REMOVAL. Remove all trash at the close of the event and put it in the large trashcans off
of the driveway at the Center entrance. Please take all recyclable trash with you.
LIBRARY. Return all library items to the shelves.
PERSONAL ITEMS. Remove all personal items, such as toiletries, food storage containers, shoes,
clothing and blankets.
RESTORATION. If any damage occurs to the Center, or if any repairs or replacements need to be made
as a result of the Client’s use of the Center as specified in this contract, the Client will pay the Center for
such damage, repairs, or replacements as determined by the Facility Coordinator.
INDEMNIFICATION. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bridge Between the Worlds,
LLC, its employees, invitees, agents and representatives, from and against all claims of whatever nature
arising from any act, omission, or negligence of the Client or of the Client’s contractors, licensees,
invitees, agents or employees or arising from any accident, injury, or damage whatsoever caused to any
person, or to the property of any person, occurring or arising from any accident, injury, or damage
resulting from an act or omission on the part of the Client, its contractors, licensees, agents, employees, or
invitees. The Client also agrees to indemnify Bridge Between the Worlds, LLC, its employees, agents
and representatives for reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred as a result of any action or omission
subject to this paragraph.
COMPANY (If Applicable): ________________________
SIGNED: ________________________________ DATE: _______________________
PRINT NAME: ___________________________
SIGNED: ________________________________ DATE: _______________________
PRINT NAME: ___________________________
TITLE: ________________________________
Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center Policies
Please review these policies and initial beside each.
_____ The purpose of Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center is to provide a sanctuary for healing and
restoration. In this atmosphere, we ask that you:
ï‚· Respect and not harm plant and animal life
ï‚· Remove shoes before entering the Retreat Center
ï‚· Compost foodstuffs by placing in compost pile by the vegetable garden (only fresh fruits and
vegetables, no citrus or animal protein, please)
ï‚· Shower before using the hot tub
_____ Smoking is not permitted except for the upper parking lot area.
_____ Ask each of your guests to sign a liability waiver upon arrival. Please also provide any welcome
materials requested by the Facility Coordinator. Copies and pens will be provided by the Center.
_____ Three (3) inflatable twin mattresses are available for use in the Octagonal Room with use of all
amenities for $25/night. Inflate by using the pumps that are attached to each mattress. Payments are made
directly to the Center via the Facility Coordinator by the guest who is using the mattress.
_____ Tenting on the Center grounds is permitted for $25/night with use of all amenities. Payments are
made directly to the Center via the Facility Coordinator by the guest who is tenting.
_____ In case of emergency, please call 911. All emergency numbers are listed in the Guest Information
_____ Disarm the security alarm if it sounds in error. Instructions for how to silence the alarm are in the
Guest Information Book.
_____ Please be sure to know the location of the first aid kit and fire extinguisher. The Facility
Coordinator will show you where these are when you arrive.
COMPANY (If Applicable): ________________________
SIGNED: ________________________________ DATE: _______________________
PRINT NAME: ___________________________